Lake Winnipesaukee Gas Dock Price Tracking

WinniGas displays current marine fuel prices as reported by our users on gas docks located on the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, USA. Our information may help you to save time and money.

Please enter the price of gas or diesel whenever you are at a fuel dock on the lake, no matter if you purchase fuel at the time. Please assume all prices include the extra 9/10ths of a cent that almost all stations seem to include in their prices. If the actual price at the pump is $3.249, please enter $3.24 (don't round up, or try to enter the extra .9 cent).

If you are an operator or owner of a fuel dock on Lake Winnipesaukee, please enter the price each time a price change occurs. Please also check your Station detail and be sure to Contact Us if any corrections are needed to our data.

The more entries we all make, the more useful this service will be to everyone!

NOTE: All information displayed on this site was provided by users for informational purposes only and is never verified nor implied to be accurate. If any of the information is important to you, please contact the gas dock yourself to verify the information.

BoatU.S. Towing Discount

BoatU.S.BoatU.S. is a marine organization that has been looking after the interests of recreational boaters since 1966. Did you know that they also provide towing service on Lake Winnipesaukee with their TowBoatUS towing service?

Since WinniGas is all about saving you time or money, we would like to invite you to receive a 10% discount on BoatU.S. Unlimited Towing by using our cooperating group number of GA85200B! This group code will save you 10% from their Unlimited Water Towing Services.

If your boat never leaves the lake, choose "Inland Lakes and Rivers (Freshwater)" then choose "Unlimited" or "Unlimited Gold" for a great towing deal! Be sure to include our BoatU.S. Cooperating Group number GA85200B to receive your discount.

NH DOT Motor Fuel Road Tax Refund Form RT-123

Did you know that as a boater, you can apply for a refund of the 'Road Tax' that is on every gallon of motor fuel sold in NH?

This refund is valid for Boats, Snowmobiles and OHRVs (ATVs) and is currently 22.2 cents per gallon. Consider all the fuel you use each year, if you boat a lot (or have a larger boat) this could add up to a significant amount of money each boating season. Be sure to save all your fuel receipts over the year; you will need them to apply for your refund. Note that you must have a minimum refund of $10 (which occurs when you have purchased more than 45 gallons of fuel a year) to qualify to receive a refund. Note that you need to submit this form sometime between January 1st and April 15th of the next year.

We provide the NH RT-123 Road Toll Refund Application form here to make it easy for you to find, or you can check the NH DOT Road Toll Bureau Document & Forms page directly.

Got Diesel?

We understand that Y-Landing has the only fuel dock on Lake Winnipesaukee that is selling Diesel Fuel. At certain times they may limit the amount of diesel fuel available, please call them first to confirm this if your tanks need filling. Please be sure to select the correct Y-Landing entry when reporting pricing, there are two listings, one for GAS, and the other for DIESEL.

Note that some private Marinas and Yacht Clubs may have diesel fuel delivered directly to their customers. Please contact your marina/yacht club to inquire about this.

Boating in New Hampshire

If you are new to boating on Lake Winnipesaukee, we strongly suggest that you download and study the Boater's Guide of New Hampshire, which is produced and copyright by! NH has a few boating laws that are unique. Navigating the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee is unlike any other state. You may also want to print it for your reference. A copy of this is available at most Marinas and at the Marine Patrol building located in Gilford, NH.

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